Opening paragraph

Here is the first para of my forthcoming book – Some Very Dignified Disclosures

One thought on “Opening paragraph

  1. Intriguing. A very strong beginning. A traumatic experience for the kids.. Sure would influence their future. A well, courtyard.. 80s-90s. Would be an interesting read. Also expecting a disturbing yet legit take on relationship among the family members and their behaviour inspired by beliefs, blind faith, lack of affection & understanding. There is maid & grandmother. Expecting their role too, much like the last novel.. However ideologies & approach seem to be significantly different much because of the event so mentioned but i do expect some common attributes prerogative of old age & household help in Indian society till late 90s or early 2000. What instigated father of such actions.. Did he remarry.. How did kids define this event for themselves .. There is no justification for an action as this.. Can’t wait.


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