New Book – Story Collection

प्रत्याशा (कहानी-संग्रह)

पहली बार अपनी लिखी पुस्तक हाथ में लेना हमेशा आह्लादित करता है। कुछ विलम्ब के बाद, कल हिंद युग्म द्वारा भेजा पार्सल मिला और उसमें अपनी प्रतियाँ! कई बार पन्ने पलटे, अपना नाम देखा, कहानियों के शीर्षक पर नज़र दौड़ाई, लेकिन कुछ पढ़ने की हिम्मत नहीं हुई कि कहीं कोई ग़लती ना मिल जाए। मैं जितनी बार अपना लिखा पढ़ती हूँ, उसे एडिट करने बैठ जाती हूँ। हर बार लगता है जैसे यह पंक्ति या वह कहानी बेहतर लिखी जा सकती है, और कुछ ना कुछ संशोधन करने में फिर हफ़्तों बीत जाते हैं। इसलिए छपी हुई पुस्तक पढ़ने में हमेशा डर लगता है क्योंकि अब किसी बदलाव की कोई गुंजाइश नहीं। बहरहाल, यही प्रार्थना है कि जितने भी पाठक मेरी कहानियाँ पढ़ सकें, उन्हें मेरी पुस्तक पसंद आए।

पढ़ेगा इंडिया लिंक –

अमेज़ॉन लिंक-

Valentine Eve

Are we together
is the first thought that assails me every morning
I dare not speculate
in a dream last night you were breathing next to me
so near, it seemed I might slip into your arms
a togetherness which carries the doom of parting
I love you and feel invisible
your indifference in my soul
wind keeps blowing heavy perfume of tears
sorrowful howlings, sex and disgust
your mouth set in cobwebs
there might be subtle joys in hating
the one you loved

In quarantine

it isn’t so much about
why I never see you
or hear from you
that I piece together
truncated meetings,
disconnected texts
to create a long future
of seamless togetherness
it’s my naïve adoration of
your masculine remoteness
bewitching, snaring
hypnotising, implicit belief
of one soul in two bodies
roaming in an un-lived house
the roof is all soft,
I am all alone, pining
I let my tongue run on
the fuchsia walls, carnations
in window-sills, delightful
to every sense, strawberry lips
bleeding profusely-
its celestial home, if not home
full of roses, I pick
a long thorny stem
the sky in the west is broken
by the faint light, I scribble
‘I love you,’
on red-hued clouds, whispering
‘come home.’

Hindi Story Collection

‘कुछ आपबीती कुछ जगबीती’ अब Amazon पर भी उपलब्ध है! जल्द ऑर्डर करें-

Genre- कहानी संग्रह

Author – अनुमिता शर्मा

प्रकाशक – भारतीय ज्ञानपीठ

New Book

My third book; first in Hindi, a story collection titled ‘Kuch Aapbeeti Kuch Jagbeeti’ ( कुछ आपबीती कुछ जगबीती ) published by Bharatiya Jnanpith ( भारतीय ज्ञानपीठ ) was launched in the International Book Fair at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on 10th January 2020. The book will be available online and in book stores shortly.

Meanwhile, mail at to order a copy!  

Spring Song

of all this long life only one event seems real
touched and kissed entwined in your embrace
there were things I wished you would say, in your
lovemaking all burning questions sank, unwritten
melodies nestled on my lips; slightly off-cue
I dare not catalog their rippling tune, rapture beating
upon the smoke-grimed ground like rose-fingered dawns
have we met before in an incoherent dream?
you trotting along humming two lines of my song
drawing me close in rapid arpeggios, like an open
casement a note missing, all that brightness beyond
rushing in, a bough bending in the warm breeze
thin leaves swept summer-brown stirring spring
you are not perfect, slipping in and out like scurrying
clouds; distant in your masculine cruelty
I am afraid of your perfect beauty; mystical, so young
settling to sleep beside half-eaten chocolates,
vases crammed with roses, lilies, your breath
hot on my temples carrying sweetness of red wine
toes touching, arms clasped, your head on my breast
enflamed verses on loop, when I have these safe
in our metaphysical unity, what more did I need?