Valentine Eve

Are we together
is the first thought that assails me every morning
I dare not speculate
in a dream last night you were breathing next to me
so near, it seemed I might slip into your arms
a togetherness which carries the doom of parting
I love you and feel invisible
your indifference in my soul
wind keeps blowing heavy perfume of tears
sorrowful howlings, sex and disgust
your mouth set in cobwebs
there might be subtle joys in hating
the one you loved

Valentine’s Eve

Sorry, I could not
kiss you today
I’d conjured
a heavenly smack,
leisurely gentle,
between delightfully
ticklish, and
savagely orgasmic

A feeling of repose,
which passes you by
without scarring;
rose -scented
exhilaration of life
in fairy realm.
Why I didn’t, you say?

As I lay enmeshed in
relentless skirmish of
forever and now
the emptiness of moment
welled up my eyes.

Even perfect love
ebbs and flows
hour to hour;
is the most lonesome
oscillating emotion
that pitches the moon
freezes the sky.

For once my darling,
I’d struggle against
masculine indifference
suffer defeat
hide rainbow heart
conceal bruised lips.

Tomorrow we’ll overcome
incalculable worries
turn fluid in
pure rapture of being
rupture in
poetic coarseness
speak the language of
nightingales and ravens.

Could we ever make do with
anything less than excess?