When he is away everything’s just a sense of
wrong; indescribable, gritty, un-gettable, blue-grey.
Nothing at dawn seems right; sunset, moonrise,
it’s half past ten, night unfolding her black petals.
Gleaming fangs. She smacks the droplets of sweat
he’d left to bloom in darkness. With the tip of her
tongue she traces a crescent moon, molten ivory
spread in circles, steeped in his smell. Physical
stimulation pounding after her, choking, choking.
She waltzes like a hymn; unabashed. Open.
Her feet speeding through the lowering sky,
shuffling over his body’s firmament, falling,
falling like a shooting star; miserable, triumphant.
She shuts her eyes, desire flaming in ringlets.
He spreads his naked arms, disturbingly intimate,
hot illuminance reaching out from neck, spilling
across his cheeks. Sexy. Her love is an ebullition,
infectious, full-blown rose, prowling in an
erotic fantasy. Revengeful. She keeps him awake
for one thousand nights. He clasps her in moonlight,
mental osculations, sinful breaths. She is a volume
of music; a multihued blur, longing to be windswept.

16 thoughts on “Lust

    1. I want to write awesome book reviews and enchanting blog posts like you !!!!! Thank you so much. It feels good and professional-like posting here. And how wonderful to have the first comment from you.. love you.. hugs 😀


  1. Loved it Aria. I do not know how many people sill read blog. But this is an awesome effort.

    This is was good post, Aria. Loved it.

    BTW, why do they for so many personal; details before commenting?. WordPress or whatever.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOLOL.. I don’t know why they are asking so much info. I’ll need to figure something to stop it. Still new to managing my own site so a little confused. So nice of you to drop by and post a comment to encourage. Ahem.
      I hope people get back to blogging.. this was the best part of our online lives,


  2. Wow! This one is an explosion of sensuality at its best You are adept in weaving apt imagery and metaphors to convey the lingering leftovers of lovemaking. Th imagery of black petals reminded me a similar imagery ( Night opened like a black lotus) used by the great Malayalam Novelist MT Vasudevan Nair. I especially loved the below lines reminding one of the divine coitus of the earth and the sky 🙂

    “Her feet speeding through the lowering sky,
    shuffling over his body’s firmament, falling,

    Wish you all the best in your new journey. Let the floor expand to welcome your tango dear Aria


    1. Night opened like a black lotus.. lovely.. just the kind of imagery I relish..
      Thank you so much, PGR. Read your comment the first thing in the morning and it has brightened my weekend.


  3. Where do I begin and end to say how beautiful this is – and your lines waltz like a hymn:):):) magical indeed Aria


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